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Prepare for the Updated Refrigerant Management Requirement Deadline in January 2019 with Gensuite & Trinity Consultants

Recent amendments to the Montreal Protocol and the U.S. EPA refrigerant management regulations in 40 CFR Part 82 will significantly impact refrigerant compliance programs at industrial, institutional and commercial facilities. The revised international treaty, which will go into effect in January 1, 2019, expands its focus from ozone-depleting substances (ODS) to greenhouse gases (GHGs) through a phase -out schedule for hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) such as R-134a and R-410A, which are some of the most commonly used refrigerants across the U.S. Are you prepared for these changes? Navigate your way through regulatory change with Gensuite and Trinity Consultants!

The Gensuite ODS Sentinel application module enables users to maintain records of all refrigerant maintenance, monitoring and management activities. Join Gensuite and EHS regulatory compliance experts, Trinity Consultants, for this complimentary pre-recorded webinar to discover how Gensuite and Trinity Consultants can help you meet refrigerant requirements.

  • Review of significant changes to refrigerant management regulations
  • Review of upcoming compliance deadlines and enforcement
  • Discussion of the impact on environmental compliance programs
  • Overview of how ODS Sentinel can help you achieve compliance 

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