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Widespread Effects of TSCA Amendments, TSCA Inventory Reset, and Upcoming Reporting Requirements Webinar

Brief overview of how the Lautenberg Amendments to the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) are now fully implemented and have effectively expanded TSCA compliance burdens to all industrial facilities. Specifically, the new responsibility for manufacturers, importers, and now users to ensure that every chemical substance they process is not only on the TSCA Inventory but is listed in Active status on the Inventory. In the absence of that condition being met, it will no longer be legal to handle the substance as of August 5, 2019. The webinar will also provide a preview of quadrennial Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) retrospective submission requirements, which cover production and use of chemicals in an industrial context. The next reporting period will commence on June 1, 2020 via the Central Data Exchange (CDX) system. Due to the nature of information required, which often includes extensive information on downstream processing and use, the user-unfriendly nature of the reporting system, and the confidentiality issues often posed by these reports, it is imperative that environmental managers become aware of these requirements early and begin planning early for how data will be gathered, who will actually prepare the report, what elements can legally be claimed as confidential, and what language to use in each confidentiality substantiation in order to make the claim successful.


If you have any questions about this webinar, please feel free to reach out to Ellen Hewitt at (614) 433-0733.

Webinar Topics

  • Brief overview of TSCA and the Lautenberg Amendments
  • Dynamics of the new Active/Inactive requirements and current impacts on manufacturing, importing, and using of chemical substances
  • Brief overview of the CDR and where it fits into TSCA
  • Who is required to report?
  • Practical considerations from experience - planning that needs to be done now in order to be successful in reporting in 2020
  • Overview of CDR report form and CDX portal (if available)
  • Limitations of confidentiality claims in TSCA reporting

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