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In the early 1980s, Trinity Consultants pioneered the development of advanced air dispersion modeling software designed to help environmental professionals perform air quality studies. Today, thousands of environmental professionals in more than 90 countries use BREEZE software to model the dispersion of air emissions as well as fires and explosions. Our commitment to continuous product improvement and expert technical support remains vital to making BREEZE the standard in modeling software. In addition to developing and providing market-leading air dispersion modeling software, BREEZE also offers quality-assured meteorological data for a variety of modeling scenarios. To learn more about BREEZE software, or to place an order, visit

Model-Ready Meteorological and Geophysical Data

The BREEZE Data team is staffed by professional meteorologists and environmental engineers who provide meteorological expertise in obtaining data for your modeling needs. Our team is knowledgeable about sources for data worldwide, potential problems with external data sets and the appropriate ways to address them, and the proper preprocessing techniques for model input.   BREEZE provides the following meteorological and terrain data, among many other formats: AERMOD CALPUFF Mesoscale Meteorological Data - WRF/MM5 NED Data (U.S) DEM Data (U.S.) DEM Data (Worldwide) Custom Data Sets BREEZE can customize meteorological data for a wide range of applications including raw data from on-site towers as well as observation networks for input into air quality models. Visit to learn more about data from BREEZE or request a quote using our online form.

Modeling Software

BREEZE Software products are used by environmental professionals worldwide to analyze the effects of air pollutant emissions, fires, and explosions. BREEZE is easy to learn and use because it adheres to Microsoft® standards for intuitive, uniform graphical user interfaces, and features standardized toolbars, views, menus, commands, and dialog boxes.   BREEZE software falls into the following categories:   Continuous Release Air quality modeling applications developed to primarily address continuously released emissions from a wide variety of sources.   AERMET AERMOD/ISC AERSCREEN CALPUFF ROADS SCREEN3   Health Risk Assessment Human health and ecological risk assessment modeling suite developed to perform multi-media fate and transport and exposure modeling for estimating potential adverse impacts to human health and ecological receptors.   Risk Analyst   Accidental Hazardous Release Modeling applications that address the accidental or unintended release of chemicals into the atmosphere. Many of these models are used for emergency response planning and facility design and safety improvement purposes.   Incident Analyst LFG Fire/Risk   Explosion Damage Assessment Sophisticated explosion damage and injury assessment models used to evaluate the vulnerabilities of virtually any type of structure caused by a high explosive or vapor cloud explosion.    ExDAM VASDIP   Data Visualization and Analysis Modeling applications that enhance the ability to analyze and visualize modeling results.   3D Analyst Downwash Analyst MetView   Tank Emissions Calculation Software Tools The TankESP Software Product Suite includes a comprehensive set of products to meet different levels of storage tank emission calculation requirements. TankESP PRO  TankESP FX TankESP LT

Specialized Consulting Services

Our professional staff provides a wide range of services to meet EHS requirements for companies worldwide. We are committed to developing solutions that address your specific objectives and provide enhanced productivity for your EHS professionals. Custom Software Solutions In addition to commercial dispersion modeling software, BREEZE provides Windows-based software solutions to support clients’ environmental needs. Our understanding and experience with U.S. EPA regulatory and other industry-standard models and adhering to Microsoft standards make Trinity a reliable source for custom-developed software applications. Additionally, by integrating air quality and computer science expertise, our team is able to develop software applications in support of air quality needs more efficiently than software firms that lack this integration and expertise, making BREEZE the team that can be trusted to produce high-quality software that incorporates modern software and interface design practices. Advanced EHS Impact Modeling Services The BREEZE Software team is proficient in conducting various advanced, specialty impact modeling analyses, and this expertise allows BREEZE to efficiently and cost-effectively manage extensive data resources and perform complex analyses required for both international and domestic projects. BREEZE’s expertise in modeling is marked by superior technical proficiency. The BREEZE team understands the procedures and requirements for dispersion, fire and explosion modeling, developing and managing complex data sets for geophysical and meteorological data inputs, and integrating technical knowledge with regulatory experience to successfully apply models such as AERMOD, CALPUFF, DEGADIS, SLAB, AFTOX, INPUFF, ExDAM, CAMx and CMAQ to meet our clients’ strategic objectives. We ultimately strive to deliver thorough, yet focused, modeling results and evaluation reports for our clients. Since BREEZE is prepared with experienced staff and has invested heavily in the computer resources required, we are uniquely qualified and positioned to perform this work with a high level of quality and within the time required. To date, BREEZE has managed and performed numerous environmental impact assessments, health and safety impact assessments, and accidental release modeling with more than 50 dispersion models sanctioned by U.S. EPA and other authorities. Visit to learn more about the consulting services offered by BREEZE or request a quote using our online form.