BREEZE Software products are used by environmental professionals worldwide to analyze the effects of air pollutant emissions, fires, and explosions. BREEZE is easy to learn and use because it adheres to Microsoft® standards for intuitive, uniform graphical user interfaces, and features standardized toolbars, views, menus, commands, and dialog boxes.

BREEZE software falls into the following categories:

Continuous Release

AERMOD - Continuous Release Modeling  

Air quality modeling applications developed to primarily address continuously released emissions from a wide variety of sources.



Health Risk Assessment

Risk Analyst - Health Risk Assessment Modeling  

Human health and ecological risk assessment modeling suite developed to perform multi-media fate and transport and exposure modeling for estimating potential adverse impacts to human health and ecological receptors.

Risk Analyst


Accidental Hazardous Release

Incident Analyst - Accidental Release Modeling  

Modeling applications that address the accidental or unintended release of chemicals into the atmosphere. Many of these models are used for emergency response planning and facility design and safety improvement purposes.

Incident Analyst
LFG Fire/Risk


Explosion Damage Assessment

ExDAM - Explosion Damage Assessment Modeling  

Sophisticated explosion damage and injury assessment models used to evaluate the vulnerabilities of virtually any type of structure caused by a high explosive or vapor cloud explosion. 



Data Visualization and Analysis

3D Analyst - Data Analysis Modeling

Modeling applications that enhance the ability to analyze and visualize modeling results.

3D Analyst
Downwash Analyst