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T3 News and Technical Papers

This page includes news, technical papers, and presentations related to EHS Information Technology. For more information about T3's EHS information management solutions, contact Jason Schmitz at

9/28/2016 Can Technology Help EHSQ and Improve Profits?
4/27/2016 API Releases SANGEA 4.2 for Standardized GHG Emissions Reporting
2/23/2015 Trinity Consultants/T3 Recognized as Top Performer for Air Emissions and Permit Management Capabilities in Global EHS Survey
11/1/2014 "Optimizing Emissions Reporting," published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, November 1, 2014.
4/22/2014 Multiple Business Drivers Trigger EH&S Software Investments
3/2/2014 Introducing Compliance Sentinel™ for Compliance and Task Management
2/5/2014 EPA Moves Forward with Developing the Hazardous Waste e-Manifest System
11/1/2013 T3 Pocket Solutions Reborn
10/1/2013 "API Releases SANGEA 4.1 for Standardized GHG Emissions Reporting," published in Environmental Quarterly, October 1, 2013
7/16/2013 EMIS Business Justification
3/27/2013 Leveraging Modern Technology for EMIS Usability and User Adoption
2/19/2013 "Leveraging Standard Microsoft® Software to Manage EHS Compliance," published in Environmental Quarterly, February 19, 2013
10/15/2012 "Standard Microsoft Solutions for EHS Compliance Management Needs," presented at the Annual AFPM Environmental Conference in Denver, CO
10/1/2012 Building A Compliance Management Solution Using Microsoft® Software
9/15/2012 "SANGEA 4.0-Facilitating Standardization of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quantification for the Petroleum Industry," presented at the 20th International Emissions Inventory Conference in Tampa, FL
9/1/2012 EMIS Case Study: Creating an Automated and Sustainable Solution for Oil & Gas Management Reporting
7/10/2012 "New SANGEA Tool Enables Standardized GHG Emissions Reporting," published in Environmental Quarterly, July 10, 2013
8/9/2011 "Bar Code Functionality Enhances EH&S Data Management", published in Environmental Quarterly, August, 9, 2011.
1/27/2011 "OSHA Increases Enforcement Pressure", published in Environmental Quarterly, January, 27, 2011.
10/5/2010 "Should Your Company Be Conducting Life Cycle Analyses?", published in Environmental Quarterly, October, 5, 2010.
12/30/2009 "Using Your EMS to Improve Energy Efficiency", published in Environmental Quarterly, December 30, 2009.
10/1/2009 "Fine-Tuning EH&S Performance with Technology," published in Environmental Quarterly, October, 1, 2009.
4/1/2009 "Facilitating Compliance with Consent Decree Requirements using an EMIS," published in Environmental Quarterly, April, 1, 2009.
4/15/2008 "Harnessing Technology for Environmental Performance Management," presented at the 2008 ESS EXPO
12/1/2007 "Climate Change Debates," published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, December 2007
5/16/2007 "Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Case Study of Development of Data Collection Tool," presented at the 2007 U.S. EPA International Emissions Inventory Conference
4/1/2007 "On the Road to Greater Compliance," published in Environmental Protection, April 2007
2/16/2007 "Refining a Monitoring System (Managing CEMS at a Texas-sized Refinery)," published in Pollution Engineering, February, 1, 2007
11/9/2006 "The State of the EMIS Industry," presented at the 2006 MN Conference on the Environment
10/6/2006 "Sarbanes-Oxley as a Driver for Corporate EHS Compliance," presented at the 2006 ESS Expo conference
9/18/2006 "Managing Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems," presented at the 2006 NPRA Environmental conference
1/24/2006 "Attributes of a Robust Technology-Leveraging Compliance Assurance System," presented at the 2006 EUEC conference
9/28/2005 "Environmental Compliance and Sarbanes-Oxley," presented at the 2005 NCASI West Coast regional meeting
9/28/2005 "Considerations for Selection and Implementation of an EMIS," presented at the 2005 NCASI West Coast regional meeting
9/20/2005 "Demonstrating Compliance Through Integration of Continuous Monitoring Data with Environmental Management Information Systems," presented at the 2005 NPRA Environmental conference
9/27/2004 "Implementing a Multi-Refinery Environmental Data Management System at Shell Oil Products U.S.," presented at the 2004 NPRA Environmental Conference
6/10/2004 "Needs Assessment and System Selection for an EMIS," presented at AWMA 2004 annual conference
10/1/2002 "Mastering Environmental Tasks Using Compliance Management Tools," published in Chemical Engineering, October 2002
2/01/2002 "Wireless Record Keeping – Field Applications," published in Pit and Quarry, February 2002
11/1/2001 "Title V Toolbox: Utilizing Compliance Management Tools to Simplify Title V Compliance Certification," published in Environmental Protection, November 2001