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EHS Professional Training 

Note: These courses are intended primarily for environmental professionals from industry and government agencies. Trinity reserves the right to decline registrations at its discretion to persons for whom its courses may not be intended.  

New to Industrial Hygiene: Fundamentals

- Baton Rouge, LA

New to Industrial Hygiene: Monitoring Workshop

- Baton Rouge, LA

Practical Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment and Statistics

- Denver, CO

EHS Regulations
Understanding and Application of RMP/PSM Requirements

- Dallas, TX

Introduction to Waste Management/RCRA

- Dallas, TX

Clean Water Act Permitting and Compliance

- Dallas, TX

Introduction to Air Quality Regulations

- Dallas, TX

Environmental Analysis
Dispersion Modeling for Managers

- Cleveland, OH

Effective Management of Stack Test Programs

- Cincinnati, OH

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) – Best Practices and Program Management

- Cincinnati, OH

Fundamentals of Tank Emission Calculations

- St. Louis, MO

Environmental Reporting
Advanced TRI Reporting Workshop

- Salt Lake City, UT

TRI Reporting Workshop

- Albany, GA

Basics and Best Practices Workshop – Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)

- Cincinnati, OH

Location Specific
Air Quality Permitting in Alabama

- Birmingham, AL

Air Quality Permitting in Georgia

- Macon, GA

Air Quality Permitting in Illinois

- Chicago, IL

Introduction to Air Quality Regulations in Ontario

- Toronto, ON

Air Quality Modeling
Dispersion Modeling for Managers

- Cleveland, OH

Fundamentals of Air Dispersion Modeling

- New York, NY

AERMOD Modeling Computer Lab

- New York, NY

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Professional Environmental Training

Since its inception, Trinity Consultants has been committed to providing superior professional training in environmental topics. Our annual schedule includes more than 200 courses, offered at locations around the country, on timely topics for environmental professionals such as environmental permitting, emissions quantification and reporting, air dispersion modeling, greenhouse gas emissions reporting and permitting, stack testing, and CEMS management. In addition to our federally-based regulatory courses, we also offer a large slate of state-specific courses, bringing the added value of information on specific state and local programs and insights gained from our experience working with the local regulatory agencies.

Trinity’s course instructors are carefully selected for each course based on their unique experience and extensive knowledge of the course topics. Although our courses are intensive, our instructors work hard to ensure a highly interactive learning environment where attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share experiences. Our course manuals are comprehensive, including valuable resource documents as well as the presentation materials. Often, attendees find our courses so valuable, they return for additional training in related topics or request Trinity to provide an onsite training session for their company.

Custom Training

On-site, custom courses can be developed to meet the unique needs of your particular facility. For instance, discussions can be tailored to specifically address the regulations that apply to your industry and facility and can include strategic compliance considerations. In addition, custom training allows your organization to:

  • Train multiple employees cost-effectively since travel time and expense is minimized
  • Provide consistent training to employees throughout the organization
  • Obtain customized training manuals that serve as excellent reference material
  • Address your particular issues with an expert while maintaining privacy

Trinity's instructors have provided custom training programs for numerous industrial companies, associations, and regulatory agencies. For more information, contact our Education Manager at 1-800-613-4473 or request a quote.

Management Briefings

Trinity's senior consultants can bring your staff concise, practical, and accurate information on compelling environmental issues. Management briefings can be delivered in a timeframe and format that is useful for you, such as:

  • One-hour briefing of site personnel
  • Presentation at your annual environmental meeting
  • Overview for corporate staff

Trinity's management briefings can be customized to include a wide variety of environmental issues of concern to your organization. Sample topics include:

  • Air permitting for GHGs
  • Advances in air dispersion modeling
  • MACT compliance requirements
  • Identifying and managing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Environmental regulations applicable to your industry
  • Understanding and implementing the concepts of sustainability

For more information on Management Briefings, contact the Education Manager at (800) 613-4473.