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Environmental Reporting Requirements in Wisconsin

This 1-day course provides an overview of the environmental reporting fundamentals and requirements during a typical calendar year for the state in which the course is being presented. The course addresses major environmental reports required during a calendar year through the implementation of practical work exercises that cover program applicability through completion of required forms. A discussion of best practices, or compliance techniques, is also provided. Attendees learn to:

  • Prepare standard federal/state reports including Tier II, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), annual air emissions inventory, Title V Annual Compliance Certification and Semiannual Monitoring Reports
  • Prepare incident and other site-specific reports including spill or release reports, excess air emissions, deviation, and SSM reports, ERMS & NOX budget reports, and more
  • Apply best practice compliance techniques to reporting tasks
  • CEUs:

    Course topics
    • Standard State/Federal Reports:
      • Tier II
      • Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)
      • Annual Air Emissions Inventory
      • Title V Annual Compliance Certification
      • Title V Semiannual Monitoring Reports
      • GHG MRR
      • RCRA Generator – Exception & Biennial Reports
      • RMP
      • TSCA reports
    • Incident & Other Site-Specific Reports
      • Spill or Release Reporting
      • Excess Air Emissions
      • Deviation Reports
      • Startup, Shutdown and Malfunctions
      • Refrigerant Leaks
      • NPDES DMR & Storm Water
      • By-pass & NPDES Non-Compliance
      • AST/UST
    • Best Practices/Compliance Techniques
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    Jan 20, 2021 -- Green Bay, WI
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    What others are saying about this course
    • The attitude and enthusiasm of the instructor made the class a pleasure to attend.
    • Covered a wide variety of topics with appropriate timing for each section.
    • The instructor made the covered material understandable and in just enough depth to keep it useful and interesting.
    • I liked the summary tables and thought they will be helpful.