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Introduction to Environmental Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

This 2-day course is designed for plant and corporate staff who need to know how to perform or manage compliance reporting and recordkeeping activities. The course covers such essential reporting topics as Tier II, TRI, air emissions, Title V, releases, hazardous waste, toxic substances, and water discharges. The course format includes best practices, common problems, and group exercises intended to maximize understanding of this challenging material. Course completion will enable attendees to:

  • Set up and organize a recordkeeping system
  • Determine reporting applicability and correctly complete required reports
  • Improve compliance and minimize NOVs due to reporting and recordkeeping problems
  • CEUs:

    Course topics
    • GHG Reporting
    • Emergency Planning Notifications
    • Tier II Reports
      • Applicability
      • Report Contents
      • Report Recipients
      • Examples
    • Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)
      • Applicability
      • Definitions
      • Exemptions
      • Calculations
      • Form A and Form R
      • Examples
    • Air Emissions Inventories
      • Applicability
      • Emission Calculations
      • Emission Factor Resources
      • Examples
    • Refrigerant Leak Reports
    • Risk Management Plan Update Reports
    • Chemical & Oil Spill Reporting
      • When, Who, How
    • Audit Policy Notification
    • Hazardous Waste Reports
      • Applicability
      • Report Contents
    • Semi-Annual Monitoring Reports (Title V)
      • Contents & Deadlines
      • Strategies
      • Examples
    • Annual Compliance Certifications (Title V)
      • Contents & Deadlines
      • Strategies
      • Examples
    • NSPS
      • Deviation Reporting
      • CGA/RATA
      • CEMs
    • MACT Reporting
      • Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction Reports
      • Deviation Reporting
    • TSCA Inventory Updates
    • NPDES Reports
      • Industrial Pretreatment
      • Wastewater
      • Storm Water
    • Underground Storage Tanks
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    Sep 16 - 17, 2020 -- Lexington, KY
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    What others are saying about this course
    • Instructor was very willing to answer questions and catered the course toward what we most needed to know.
    • I liked the activities and working together on them as a group.
    • Materials were very thorough.
    • Loved the handouts and the practices.
    • The instructor was very knowledgeable and shared real life experiences.
    • There are numerous providers of 'environmental regulations' courses. As far as I was able to tell, this is a one-of-a-kind program, and the reason I attended the two classes / four days. Outstanding classroom instructor and career experienced in the subject matter..
    • The example questions and activities helped solidify my understanding of the topics that were discussed.

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