Clean Air Act Workshop for the Oil & Natural Gas Industry

This 1-day course is for environmental professionals responsible for air quality compliance in the oil & natural gas industry from upstream E&P through natural gas processing, transmission, and storage. The course covers air quality regulations and emission calculations as well as several relevant NSPS and NESHAP triggers. The instructor utilizes a mixture of media and group discussion to emphasize key concepts.


Course topics
  • Introduction to Air Quality Regulations
    • Regulated Pollutants
    • Types of Air Quality Rules
    • Greenhouse Gas and Hazardous Air Pollutants
    • Major vs. Minor source permits
  • Oil and Gas Air Emissions "101"
    • Sources of Emissions
    • Calculations "Tidbits" 
  • Air Emission Permitting
    • Air Quality Permits/Registration
    • "Indian Land Minor Source Permitting Program 
    • Major New Source Review Permitting 
    • Aggregation in Oil and Gas Industry
  • New Source Performance Standards 
    • General Provisions - Subpart 4 
    • Equipment Leaks of VOC from Onshore NGP Plants - Subpart KKK
    • Sweetening Units - Subpart LLL
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Oct 14, 2020 -- Charleston, WV
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
What others are saying about this course
  • The course instructors were excellent.
  • The materials are good and I can read them for clarification.
  • Great class for the oil and gas HES professional!
  • Lots of details and fast paced
  • I thought the course was great how it was instructed.

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Air Quality Permitting for Oil & Natural Gas Operations in the Appalachian Basin (State Rules)

This 1-day course is for environmental/project engineering staff responsible for air permitting of natural gas operations in PA, and OH. Those new to air permitting in these states as well as veterans benefit from the dynamic discussion of recent developments in evolving state-specific requirements. This course covers all segments of natural gas operations (production, processing, gathering, and transmission) in the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays. Case studies illustrate the intricacies of operating in the Appalachian Basin.

Oct 15, 2020 -- Charleston, WV
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