Glycol Dehydrator Emission Calculations and Understanding NESHAP Subpart HH and HHH Applicability at Oil & Natural Gas Facilities

This ½-day course focuses on basic glycol dehydration unit operations and associated emission calculations, as well as NESHAP Subparts HH and HHH for glycol dehydration units located at production, gathering, natural gas processing, and natural gas transmission facilities. The GRI-GlyCalc calculation program is discussed including specific inputs. The course benefits operations and environmental personnel responsible for NESHAP Subpart HH or HHH compliance.

  • Understand how a glycol dehydrator operates
  • Perform emission calculations for a glycol dehydrator with an understanding of emission drivers
  • Learn about NESHAP Subpart HH and HHH applicability and compliance provisions


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Understanding the Requirements of NSPS OOOO and OOOOa

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