Air Permitting for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills

This 1-day course is for landfill managers, engineers, and environmental professionals who are responsible for the permitting of landfill expansions, gas-to-energy (combustion) projects, and flare installations. Topics include the use of U.S. EPA’s LandGEM model for estimating LFG generation rates, best practices for determining the potential to emit from MSW landfills (and related sources), tips for negotiating permit conditions, and determining applicability and compliance for related NSPS and NESHAPs. Real world exercises illustrate steps of the permitting process, including: data gathering, emissions quantification, permit strategy development, and mock permit form preparation.

  • Learn to review (or prepare) draft permit applications
  • Understand landfill potential to emit and bigger picture implications of such emissions (e.g., NNSR or PSD)
  • Understand NSPS and NESHAP standards and associated compliance options
  • CEUs:

    Course topics
    • Clean Air Act/Permitting Basics
    • Landfills & Related Source Activities
      - Landfill Fugitives
      - Landfill Gas Collection and Control Systems
      - LFG Control Devices
      - Gas-to-Energy Projects
      - Storage Tanks (in brief)
    • Emissions Quantification
      - AP-42 Methods
      - Use of LandGEM for LFG Generation
      - Emission Calculation Exercises
    • Federal Standards
      - NSPS Subpart WWW
      - NESHAP Subpart AAAA
    • GHG Reporting
      - Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule
    • Advanced Permitting Topics
      - Strategies under Federal NSR
      - Regulatory Developments
      - Permitting GTE Projects
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    May 20, 2020 -- Phoenix, AZ
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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