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Navigating Compliance and Changes to your Alabama Title V Permit

Environmental professionals responsible for compliance under the Title V operating permit program will benefit from this 1/2-day course which is tailored to address the day-to-day requirements of living with a Title V permit in Alabama. The course will cover practical examples pertaining to developing and implementing compliance management systems, preparing compliance reports, and determining when and how to submit a Title V permit modification application. Instructors are senior consultants who are active in preparing operating permits and compliance management strategies for industrial sources.

Attendees learn to: 

  • Prepare for compliance inspections
  • Implement compliance management and recordkeeping systems
  • Prepare compliance and deviation reports
  • Submit permit applications        


Course topics
  • Overview of Alabama Permit Content and Organization
    • Narrative statement of basis
    • Structure of operating permits in Alabama
    • General and specific testing requirements
    • Monitoring and recordkeeping requirements
  • Compliance Management and Reporting
    • Being prepared for a compliance inspection
    • Quarterly/semiannual reporting
    • Annual compliance certifications
    • Case studies for determining how to report deviations, excess emissions, excursions and exceedances
  • Determining When to Submit What Kind of Permit Application
    • Construction permitting versus operating permitting
    • No Permit Required letters
    • Off-permit changes
    • Administrative amendments
    • Flexibility changes (Section 502(b)10)
    • Minor and significant modifications
    • PSD/NSR modifications
  • Permit Renewal Procedures
    • Renewal deadlines
    • Administrative procedures
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Sep 09, 2020 -- Tuscaloosa, AL
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Apr 28, 2021 -- Mobile, AL
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
What others are saying about this course
  • Awesome instruction
  • Great material
  • The regulations are complex and difficult to understand. What I like best is that instructor gave a new perspective and one can learn from that.

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Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permitting in Alabama

This 1/2-day course is designed for environmental personnel who have facilities that are subject to or potentially subject to PSD permitting. The course covers such essential topics as key definitions contained in the federal and state PSD rules, PSD applicability assessments and exclusions, specific examples of application of the program by the state regulatory agency, and strategies to avoid PSD permitting as allowed within the framework of the regulations. Course completion enables attendees to:

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