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Compliance Management for Fugitive Emissions & LDAR for Natural Gas Processing Plants

This 1-day course will provide an overview of various regulations requiring control of fugitive emissions and will focus on managing an LDAR program at Natural Gas Processing Plants to comply with the regulatory requirements. The course will cover federal LDAR standards as well as compare major LDAR regulations. The course will cover the NSPS and MACT standards. To demonstrate compliance with applicable LDAR regulations, facilities are required to implement LDAR programs. Therefore, the course focuses on developing and implementing an LDAR program as well as other facets related to an LDAR program such as emission quantification and managing LDAR contractors.


Course topics
  • Overview of Fugitive Emission Sources
    • Types of fugitive emission sources
    • What is an LDAR Program?
    • Method 21 monitoring
    • Open-ended valves/lines
  • Emission Quantification
    • How to quantify fugitive emissions
    • Types of specific services for LDAR equipment
    • Emission factors
    • Example calculations
  • Regulations Requiring LDAR Programs
    • Overview of NSPS, NESHAP, and MACT standards requiring LDAR programs
    • Comparison of major LDAR regulations (NSPS KKK vs. OOOO/OOOOa) affecting Natural Gas Processing Plant
  • Developing and Implementing an LDAR Program
    • Typical LDAR implementation process
    • Basic LDAR database framework
    • Source inventory basics
    • Areas for potential program improvements
    • Title V compliance management
    • Auditing/evaluating LDAR programs
  • Managing LDAR Contractor
    • Reasonable expectations
    • Methods on follow-up with LDAR contractors
  • Recent Developments
    • Recent enforcement issues
    • Smart LDAR
    • Recent Developments

    Please note this course does not cover LDAR for compressor stations & well sites.

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Dec 03, 2020 -- Midland, TX
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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