Managing Environmental Nuisances: Odor and Noise

This 1-day course is for corporate/facility environmental personnel who need to assess, control, and manage odor and noise concerns. The course examines regulatory thresholds, how to measure and objectively analyze readings, how to model off-site odor impacts, strategies to successfully control and minimize off-site impacts, and complaint management and investigative practices. The course includes a review of case studies, how-to develop odor and noise control response plans, and a pseudo-field component, allowing for attendees to use basic odor and noise measuring equipment. Attendees learn about:

  • Methods to quantify and characterize odor and noise levels
  • Methods to evaluate and predict potential impacts
  • Benefits and potential shortcomings of mitigation and abatement strategies
  • Developing an effective Nuisance Complaint Response Plan and ongoing nuisance management programs
  • Roles of industry / environmental managers with respect to nuisances


Course topics
  • Fundamentals of the science of odor
  • Odor rules and regulations
  • Odor sampling strategies
  • Odor assessment strategies
  • Odor control and abatement strategies
  • Introduction to noise
  • Noise rules and regulations
  • Noise quantification/measurement
  • Noise assessment strategies
  • Noise control and abatement strategies
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Jun 04, 2020 -- Lexington, KY
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM