Georgia Environmental Hot Topics

Trinity Consultants is providing a complimentary luncheon to review two hot environmental topics for industrial facilities in Georgia. The two topics include detailed review of the new air toxics impact guidance provided by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) as well as the new NPDES General Permit for stormwater from industrial activities. 

The purpose of the new Toxic Impact Guideline document is to provide a guide for estimating the environmental impact of sources of toxic air pollutants. The guidelines will be used by EPD in the review of all air quality applications for permits to construct or modify potential sources of air pollutants.

The new General Permit (IGP) will be effective June 1, 2017, and eReporting is required for coverage under the new IGP (submittal of Notice of Intent (NOI))and submittal of compliance forms.  Submittal of the NOI is required within 30 days after the IGP becomes effective for coverage of stormwater discharges from industrial activities covered under specific industrial sectors.

Do you know how the updated toxics guidance will affect the next project at your facility that increases toxics emissions? Will modeling even be required under the impact assessment guideline? How do you need to complete the NOI submittal for the IGP? To find answers to these questions and others, please join Trinity for a luncheon to review these topics in depth and prepare your facilities for future permitting and compliance needs.

Please contact the Trinity Atlanta office at 678-441-9977 for additional information.

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