Webinar: Strategic Environmental Permitting Considerations for Greenfield Construction – A Fatal Flaw Perspective

Planning construction of a new facility is a daunting task with environmental considerations among the most significant. Approaching the project with a fatal flaw perspective can save time and money by identifying any deal-breakers early in the process when there is still flexibility to mitigate issues or re-direct efforts. This webinar will guide attendees through the requirements for a new facility in a way that is designed to identify stumbling blocks early, mitigate problems effectively, and streamline the required processes while optimizing flexibility.

Jay Hofmann, President/CEO
Jay has taught hundreds of training courses over the past 30 years on new source permitting. He has also been personally involved the permitting of many industrial expansions and is a renowned expert on the regulatory requirements and how to ensure a streamlined process and flexible outcomes.

Jose Orsini - Principal Consultant
Jose has nearly 30 years of experience in environmental permitting and planning, including greenfield site developments and expansions for industrial, residential (including coastal),commercial, touristic, mass transportation, aviation, ports, landfills, and regional drinking water distribution projects.  He also has significant experience with environmental reviews conducted under NEPA.

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