Streamlining your EHS Compliance Using Microsoft Software

Since the mid-1990’s, many software companies have developed numerous sophisticated IT applications to help companies automate, streamline, and advance Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) business processes.  With the improvement in technology, the availability of these solutions has grown in number and functionality. While these systems are ideal for some organizations, they are often out of reach for others due to their cost or their inherent one-size fit all complexity. 

One alternative to these market solutions is leveraging Microsoft’s® leading software suite of productivity applications. Microsoft’s SharePoint® platform has become one of the most recognized in the world for document management and collaboration, as more and more organizations are finding that many of their supporting functions, business processes, and workflows can be enhanced or automated in very cost effective ways. For EHS professionals, this technology introduces a new way to approach compliance management business processes without giving up the investment in the Microsoft productivity tools (e.g. Excel spreadsheets) that have been the foundation of EHS compliance management for most organizations for over 20 years. Whether it is managing a compliance calendar, enabling incident workflow, tracking EHS metrics, or enhancing EHS visibility, the technology now exists to make step-wise or even transformational changes within EHS management using technology that organizations already have at their fingertips.

Trinity along with their technology partner Pro-Sapien will provide perspectives on the use of Microsoft applications for enabling EHS business processes with a focus on the collaboration platform Microsoft SharePoint.

Webinar topics
This webinar introduces the concept of implementing a complete EHS information management system using Microsoft’s suite of applications including:
  • Recognizing and Selling the Need for Enhanced Systems
  • Common EHS Business Processes Enabled by Technology
  • Implementation Best Practices and Common Pitfalls
  • Live Demonstration of Pro-Sapien (EHS Application built on Microsoft Platform)
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