Michigan Regulatory Update Webinar

Please join Trinity Consultants for a complimentary webinar covering important environmental updates for Michigan facilities. The webinar will cover the proposed City of Detroit Bulk Material Handling Ordinance, an update on the US EPA’s Next Generation of Compliance initiative, an update on the ozone NAAQS, as well as the Michigan DEQ Meaningful Change Rulemaking.

Webinar topics

  1. What is US EPA’s Next Generation Compliance initiative?  Did you know US EPA has been implementing it through a 3-year strategic plan since 2014? Learn how Next Generation Compliance might affect your facility as it becomes the norm.  
  2. What is a Meaningful Change, and why does it matter? Michigan DEQ recently moved this concept from policy to regulation. Learn how Meaningful Change is used to determine if a permit is required and how to determine whether a proposed process change constitutes a Meaningful Change.
  3. Learn about the proposed City of Detroit Bulk Material Handling Ordinance including how this ordinance may affect your facility even if you are not covered under the rule. Trinity will break down lessons learned from the similar City of Chicago Ordinance, which has been in effect since March 2014.
  4. An update on the 2008 and 2015 Ozone NAAQS will also be provided.

And other late breaking topics!

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Oct 19, 2017 -- Online
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST/EDT