Dispersion Modeling Seminar for Lawyers

This 1/2-day seminar is for lawyers and other legal personnel who are or may be involved in environmental litigation and would like to better understand the fundamentals and use of dispersion modeling as a tool for today’s legal activities. Dispersion modeling can be used in cases representing or limiting class action size and in identifying potential areas of nuisance, health, welfare, and vegetative damage. This seminar will provide an understanding of the basics of modeling, its use and interpretation, and what it can and cannot do in terms of supporting litigation.  This seminar will cover the fundamentals of modeling concepts, an overview of the screening and refined modeling tools that are often used in litigation studies, and regulatory requirements for state and federal permitting. Limited coverage of the basic physics of the atmosphere as well the practical aspects of model set up, model objectives, source characterization, and meteorology, along with model uncertainties and limitations will be covered. Case studies regarding the use of models for risk calculations and air toxics analyses including how information gained from these analyses can be used to support litigation in the form of depositions, expert testimony, and trial exhibits will be provided. 

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