Complimentary Webinar on Explosion Consequence Modeling: Balancing Model Sophistication with Finite Resources

Join BREEZE Software for a complimentary webinar covering explosion consequence modeling (ECM) techniques that are available in today's market and how the BREEZE Explosion Damage Assessment Model (ExDAM) tool seeks to fill the "sophistication gap" between purely distance-based simple models and CFD tools. We will discuss model's capabilities, the types of situations it is appropriate for, the level of effort required in comparison to other modeling approaches, and the strengths and weaknesses of this approach. Some sample real-world applications of the model will also be presented, including:

  1. An industrial plant siting analysis involving multiple potential VCE scenarios
  2. An urban multi-story building external HE scenario
  3. A large-scale city/residential HE scenario (the West, Texas event)
  4. A small-scale improvised explosive device (IED) terrorism event (one of the London 7/7 subway bombings)

No sessions are scheduled right now.