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Complimentary Webinar on Representative Meteorological Data for AERMOD: The Applicability of ADJ_U* to Onsite Meteorological Datasets that Include Partial Turbulence

Join BREEZE Software for a complimentary webinar where we will discuss the applicability of the new regulatory default option, ADJ_U*, in the U.S. EPA's AERMET meteorological data preprocessing tool (version 16216). This new option addresses a long-standing issue with the AERMOD model that resulted in AERMOD tending to overestimate ground-level pollutant concentrations in many low wind speed, stable atmospheric condition situations. 

During the webinar we will evaluate and discuss the appropriateness of using or omitting ADJ_U* when processing onsite meteorological data by comparing the performance of several meteorological datasets taken from nearby locations for two case studies: onsite data including turbulence parameters, onsite data not including turbulence parameters, NWS data taken from a nearby airport, and WRF prognostic model data for a nearby location.

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