RMP Reconsideration Rule Webinar

On May 30, 2018, EPA published in the Federal Register (83 FR 24850) a proposed Reconsideration of the Risk Management Program (RMP) Amendments Rule.  While, if finalized, the RMP Reconsideration Rule contains significant deletions from the 2017 RMP Amendments Rule, it will still require facilities to implement several changes and will establish new compliance dates for those requirements.  Join Trinity Consultants for a webinar that will cover a summary of the proposed changes, their effective dates, and specific examples of how the rule will impact industrial facilities.

Previous RMP Amendments for which the Reconsideration Rule has significant changes include:

Webinar topics
  • Third-party compliance audits
  • Root Cause Analysis during Incident Investigation
  • Safer Technologies & Alternatives Analysis
  • Emergency Response Coordination Activities
  • Emergency Response Exercises
  • Information sharing
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