Complimentary Webinar - Estimating Air Emissions from WWTPs Using Toxchem

Personnel from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) have recently expressed that historic techniques for estimating air emissions from wastewater treatment operations (e.g., US EPA’s Water9 Model) may not provide a sufficiently accurate characterization of emissions profiles.  The agency has recommended that facilities with extensive, on-site wastewater treatment operations (e.g., chemical plants, refineries) consider alternative techniques for estimating these emissions. Hydromantis has developed the Toxchem modeling software for estimating emissions from wastewater treatment operations which serves as apossible alternative to Water9.  This complimentary webinar will describe strategies for gathering data and developing accurate models for API separators, dissolved air or dissolved gas flotation units (DAFs/DGFs), clarifiers, and biological treatment processes in the Toxchem modeling software.

Webinar topics
  • Strategies for data gathering

  • Selecting the most representative unit operation

  • Interpreting Toxchem results

  • Evaluating sensitivity of process parameters

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