Complimentary Luncheon: The Latest Unofficial News on the Refrigerant Leak Repair Provisions

With the final compliance deadline of January 1, 2019 fast approaching, industry continues to prepare to meet the conditions of the revised refrigerant management rules found in 40 CFR 82, Subpart F. Because the changes to the rule were so significant, and because it impacts so many different types of facilities (e.g., industrial facilities, corporate offices, institutions, warehouses, office buildings, etc.) it is anticipated that many facilities still do not have a good understanding of how their compliance obligations will change (or may have already).

Seminar Topics:

Trinity will discuss recordkeeping and reporting obligations, certification changes, disposal requirements and various other important elements of the regulation.  Also, Trinity has had the opportunity to provide compliance assistance to numerous clients related to this rule making, including performing gap assessments, preparing site-wide appliance inventories, and developing compliance programs. During this seminar, Trinity will walk through compliance tools and best practices that we have found to be the most effective.

Seminar topics

Additionally, Trinity will discuss the US EPA’s September 18, 2018 proposed rule revisions, and what those updates might mean for your facility.  Trinity will discuss potential outcomes and how industry should move forward if they are impacted by the proposed changes.  The September 18th proposal includes the following:

  • Proposing to limit leak repair provisions to ODS refrigerants

  • Requesting comment on:

    • Full roll back for non-ODS refrigerants (all but the venting prohibition)
    • 6-12 month extension to 1/1/2019 compliance date for non-ODS refrigerants if rule not finalized in reasonable time prior to 1/1/2019

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Jan 24, 2019 -- Greenville, SC
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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