Navigating California Assembly Bill 617

Signed into law in 2017, California Assembly Bill 617 (AB617) is a transforming regulation, which shifts the regulatory approach to air toxics reductions to the community level. AB617 is a wide reaching program that is focused on establishing enhanced reporting of criteria pollutants and toxic air contaminants (TACs) from stationary sources; accelerating installation of pollution controls at industrial sources; and expanding community based air quality monitoring. Many segments of AB617 will be implemented at the local air district level.

During this course, Trinity will discuss these key elements of AB617 and the impacts to stationary sources and industrial facilities.  Instructors will also provide updates on the implementation progress of the various CA Air Districts. 

Seminar topics


Enhanced Emissions Reporting

·        Who is required to report

·        Overview of report elements

·        Reporting system/format updates

·        Reporting methods

·        Key dates and deadlines

Accelerated Emission Reductions (i.e. BARCT Retrofits)

·        Identification of subject facilities

·        Schedule for BARCT implementation

·        Technology clearinghouse

·        State and district strategies

Community Air Monitoring and Emission Reductions

·        Identification of communities for monitoring

·        Statewide monitoring plan

·        District and community operated networks

·        Statewide data display

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May 07, 2019 -- Oakland, CA
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM