Webinar Series – Understanding Cleaner Air Oregon Requirements

Please join Trinity Consultants for a webinar series covering the Cleaner Air Oregon regulation under OAR 340-245. The webinar series will review the requirements focusing primarily on existing facilities. From simple facilities to complex, flexible operations, over the course of this webinar series we’ll help you navigate the complex world of Cleaner Air Oregon with the following topics:

Webinar topics
  • April 9th - Program Organization/Prioritization; How to Discuss with your Manager
  • May 14th - Emission Inventory and Exemptions
  • June 11th - Level 1 Assessment and How it Defines Other Levels of Risk Assessments
  • July 9th - Level 3 Assessment and Air Dispersion Modeling
  • August 13th - Level 4 Assessment and Toxicity Assessments
  • September 10th - Community Engagement Meetings
  • October 8th - TBACT/TLAER Assessment
  • November 12th - Risk Reduction Plan/Air Monitoring
  • December 10th - Construction/Modification After Program Call In
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    Dec 10, 2019 -- Online
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST/PDT