Special Complimentary Webinar – The Evolution of California Air Toxics: Proposition 65, AB 2588 and AB 617

In California, AB 617 is the most significant air toxics legislation passed in the last 25+ years since Proposition 65 and AB 2588, which both have experienced a major resurgence in recent years. AB 617’s requirement to deploy community air monitoring systems throughout the state marks a significant step in California’s evolution of air toxics regulation. Together, these 3 regulatory programs lay the foundation for greater transparency, regulatory scrutiny and public exposure for thousands of California facilities than ever before.  Join Trinity Consultants for this special complimentary webinar that will detail how these major landmark air toxic programs (AB 617, Prop 65, AB 2588) will impact the future operations of California facilities and transform the state’s air toxics enforcement in the years ahead.  

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