Complimentary Webinar: BWON Compliance in the Post CD Era

The refinery Consent Decrees added “enhanced provisions” to the BWON.  Refineries complied by doing more than the BWON citations required, with the enhanced provisions sometimes dominating compliance demonstration.  So what will happen as the Consent Decrees are terminated?  Will all those enhanced provisions become a thing of the past?  Or will it perhaps be advisable to retain some of them with as much attention as ever?

During this 1 hour webinar, Trinity Consultants will bring decades of BWON compliance experience to a strategic analysis of what to do in the post-CD era.  The webinar will shed useful light on ideas surrounding the continued critical requirements for TAB and uncontrolled benzene quantifications, as well as other pressing topics of on-going BWON compliance.

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