Complimentary Luncheon: Review of SPCC/SWPPP Requirements and Upcoming TRI Reporting

Please join Trinity Consultants for an informative lunch session covering Spill Prevention, Countermeasure and Control Plans (SPCC) and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).

In July 2017, Georgia renewed the General Industrial SWPPP, and Tennessee’s General Industrial SWPPP will expire in 2020. Have you reviewed your SWPPP in the last year to ensure it is accurate, up to date, and you are following all of the routine requirements?  Facilities should also update/review SPCC plans at the same time.

Each year, industrial facilities are required to inventory the amounts of select toxic chemicals that they manufacture, process, and otherwise use, and submit a Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) for those toxic chemicals that trigger reporting by July 1st. The presenters will cover the following topics:

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