How to Make EHS Spreadsheets Work Smarter, VBA Coding and External Data Sources

It is well known that Microsoft (MS) Excel has been extensively used in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management for different purposes, from emission calculation to EHS compliance tracking, from task management to miscellaneous EHS data management.  However, not all EHS professionals know the existence of some powerful functions available in MS Excel, e.g., external data sources and VBA. 
Join Trinity Consultants for a webinar to help you touch these two powerful functions and understand how they can help you with your daily work. We will cover the external data sources and VBA, their features and showcase the spreadsheet tools which Trinity developed. We will also introduce VBA code editor, show you how to record macro and how to create your own code. This webinar is well-suited for EHS professionals who routinely handle large quantities data from different resources and rely on MS Excel heavily to complete work.

No sessions are scheduled right now.