Special Complimentary Lunch Seminar: Defending Proposition 65 Enforcement Cases

Adopted by the California legislature in 1986, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65) was one of the first state laws to identify a list of 500+ toxic chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects.  Proposition 65 requires California businesses to notify any person exposed to such chemicals in the workplace, consumer products and/or environment.  The legislation also included key provisions allowing private enforcement actions by individual citizens, advocacy groups or other non-governmental entities.  With the recent adoption of numerous air toxic regulations across the state, such as Assembly Bill 617 and others, there is a growing amount of transparency and public accessibility to industrial air toxics data across the state, which will vastly increase potential litigation risks under Proposition 65 from private enforcement actions.  In this special luncheon, Trinity Consultants will provide an overview of Proposition 65 regulations, present examples of Proposition 65 air toxic exposure cases, and discuss strategies to defend a typical private enforcement action.  Our key speaker for this special luncheon will be Steve Walters, P.E., a Principal Consultant at Trinity Consultants with over 25 years experience advising on Proposition 65 and related air toxics matters.   In addition, we are pleased to have Adam Wieder, a Senior Litigation Attorney from Groveman Hiete LLP who will present Proposition 65 litigation strategies, defensive tactics and related legal issues.     

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