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Emissions Quantification for Industrial Processes

Emissions inventory is the most commonly required report for industrial operations to comply with air quality regulations. From refineries to chemical plants, emissions generated from similar equipment (e.g., storage tanks) may be quantified by totally different approaches. This course will provide an overview of the air quality regulations governing the use of emissions inventory. The main focus of the course will review the quantification methodologies for common industrial sources of criteria air pollutants (CAP), hazardous air pollutants (HAP), and greenhouse gases (GHG). The instructor will complete the course with tips to better manage emissions reporting and recordkeeping for compliance demonstration. As an outcome to the course, attendees will gain the basic knowledge to apply the most scientific-sound approach to calculate/estimate emissions from common industrial processes. The intended audience consists of:

  • Practicing analysts, who wish to gain an overall understanding of emission quantification technologies
  • Reviewers of emissions inventories, who wish to be able to critically review and/or certify results
  • Environmental supervisors who need to manage emissions reporting and recordkeeping requirements
  • CEUs:

    Course topics
  • Overview of the Application of EI for Clean Air Act Rules
  • Basic Science of Emissions
    • Chemical/Physical Properties of Pollutants
    • Emission Source Attributes
    • Emission Quantification Basis
  • Common Emissions Sources (will be customized to attendees):
    • CAP and GHG Emissions from External Combustion, Internal Combustion, and Flares
    • VOC and HAP emissions from chemical process industries such as process venting, reactors, equipment leaks, storage tanks, loading operations, emissions control equipment
    • PM emissions form solid materials manufacturing and handling processes including material, storage, handling, transportation, emission control equipment
    • Other miscellaneous sources including cooling towers, wastewater treatment, landfills, mobile sources, etc.
  • Management of Emission Reporting and Recordkeeping
    • Building emissions calculation tools
    • QA/QC of emission calculations
    • Technology solutions for environmental data management
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    Feb 03, 2021 -- New Orleans, LA
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM