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Texas Minor Source Permitting: Primer Webinar on PBRs and Minor NSR Permitting

This Texas Permit by Rule (PBR) and minor New Source Review (NSR) Primer webinar is designed for environmental professionals, managers, operations personnel, and others who are looking for clarification and to better understand the differences between a PBR, Standard Permit (SP), and a minor NSR permitting action. This webinar includes a concise introduction to Texas air permitting for construction and modifications in Texas. PBRs are a useful authorization mechanism for making changes at industrial facilities in Texas but navigating and properly applying them can be complicated. Furthermore, it can be difficult to understand what leads to the need for a Standard Permit or a minor NSR permit. Trinity's primer webinar, taught by a Texas air quality permitting veteran, distills complicated topics into logical, easy-to-follow lessons.

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