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Webinar: How to Identify and Mitigate PHA Inconsistencies

This webinar addresses the causes and the consequences of inconsistencies in Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) and Layers of Protection Analyses (LOPAs) while meeting the requirements of OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard.
Participants learn how maintaining consistency in PHAs can help simplify management of equipment in their facility, greatly improve risk assessment efficiency and make follow-up easier. The presenter will share demonstrations of risk ranking guidelines, release quantity tables, and equipment databases to show that PHAs can be consistent across your organization. This webinar also discusses how to use industry guidelines, past incidents, and your current PHAs to create helpful guides for your PHA team and facilitator.
This webinar brings to life and expands upon the EHS Quarterly article series on PHA Inconsistencies, beginning with the article“The Impact of PHA Inconsistencies” in the May 2020 issue.
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