Preparing for Subpart W Reporting: Calendar Year 2016

The upcoming reports for Subpart W will be markedly different for the next reporting cycle. EPA has released a draft of the Reporting Form. One major new element of GHG reporting for the next cycle includes the addition of a new segment, onshore Oil and Natural Gas Gathering and Boosting. One new element which could significantly impact reporting, however, is the well-by-well reporting of well ID numbers. Reports will be due no later than March 31st 2017. As you begin to prepare for this new reporting cycle, view this prerecorded webinar as we outline the expected reporting procedures, things to watch for, and what areas may require substantial resources to complete. Topics include: 1) Reporting requirements for new Gathering and Boosting segment; 2) Overview of EPA's GHG Reporting Forms and potential pitfalls; and 3) Overview of reported data and potential areas of exposure under NSPS OOOO and OOOOa.  For assistance with GHG Reporting under Subpart W, contact your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655.