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Delivering resource-conscious, energy-efficient solutions that help you achieve your building sustainability and compliance goals while leveraging our deep engineering and regulatory expertise.

Yes, it’s possible to build sustainably – even create restorative systems that reverse prior damage – through resource-conscious, energy-efficient building design. Our scientific and engineering experts provide practical solutions that satisfy the needs of business, government, and the planet, within the constraints of budgets, locations, and program goals. 

Through years of helping architects, developers, and building owners overcome the challenges associated with sustainable building design, we have come to be recognized as global leaders in the push for sustainability.


Eataly: We Design for Sustainability

Cerami helped boost Eataly’s sustainability initiative as the technology, audiovisual, physical security and acoustical consultant for multiple new store locations. 


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Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

Our acoustic experts employ fundamental acoustic engineering principles to optimize every space for its intended purpose – giving a voice to buildings and spaces.

Building Technology

Our IT and OT technology solutions combine experiential and operational design, delivering bespoke user experiences that meet business drivers and enable resiliency.


Driven to be high value-added partners with all stakeholders, we collaborate with your teams to test and verify that your design intent meets the operational goals and ensure a successful transition of a high performing facility to operational teams.

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Featured Projects

Dubai Expo Sustainability Pavilion: We Design for Connectivity, Not Detectability

Cerami was the AV, IT, Security and Acoustic consultant for the Dubai Expo Sustainability Pavilion.

Salesforce Tower San Francisco: We Design the Way Buildings Go Green

Cerami made sure that the tallest building in the city achieved the highest standards and achieved LEED Platinum Certification.


Our Building Sustainability & Environmental Services

Sustainability Solutions

Sustainable solutions are most effective when they are designed specifically for building types, appropriate to specific geographic regions. Our solutions are always designed to meet the specific needs of the present installation, without impacting the ability of future generations to flexibly meet their sustainability needs. 

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Resource Management/Regenerative Planning

Our team offers strategic guidance for conservation and regenerative initiatives in built environments, guiding project teams through the process of delivering more resource-conscious, energy-efficient buildings.

Program Management 

Practical planning is a core design tenet of our comprehensive sustainability program management practice. Our team takes great care to ensure your projects move as far down the sustainable path as your program and budget will allow.

Building Certification

Ensuring asset value and low operating costs through efficient building design goes hand-in-hand with creating a building environment that is both comfortable and conducive to occupant productivity and well-being. That’s what sustainable building certification is all about. Our project leaders ensure a streamlined certification process that validates the efficacy of your building space according to LEED, BREAM, ENERGY STAR, Fitwel, WELL, and Living Building Challenge standards.

Environmental Compliance Services

Environmental Health Safety (EHS) regulations now address air, odor, water, quality, noise and vibration, waste, chemical compliance, health and safety, risk management, and sustainability issues. Make sure you meet or exceed the standards and achieve your operational goals.

  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Environmental Noise and Vibration
  • Air Quality Permitting
  • Compliance Management and Reporting
  • Auditing and Verification
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Pollution Prevention Planning

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