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Local Services in Trinity's Colorado Office

Trinity's Denver staff, with an average of 12+ years of environmental experience, provides up-to-date knowledge and expertise no matter your permitting or compliance needs in this ever-changing environmental climate. Our local Denver staff have expertise in the following areas:

  • Air Permitting, Compliance, Reporting Support - Trinity was founded on air quality support and the depth of our experience includes a long history of air permitting, compliance, and reporting experience. Specifically, state New Source Review (NSR), Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), Nonattainment NSR, Air Dispersion Modeling, and continued support through air permit compliance and reporting (annual compliance reports, emissions inventories, toxic release reporting, and more).
  • Multimedia - We provide National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) support including: stormwater, wastewater, and pretreatment permitting and compliance. Our staff also develop Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans, Facility Response Plans, Emergency Response Plans, and Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP) for various industries.
  • Odor Management - The Denver office has experienced staff who conduct ambient field studies using olfactometers matched to Colorado's Regulation 2 and can provide guidance for odor mitigation.
  • Method 9 Opacity Observations - The Denver office has certified Method 9 observers who conduct opacity observations for various emission units.
  • FLIR Camera Evaluations - Our staff provide support and evaluation for NSPS OOOOa, BLM, Regulation 7 Compliance using forward-looking infrared camera technology.
  • Tank Emissions Analysis and Inspections - We have staff experts in assessing tank emissions using the latest guidance and factors from EPA and TankESP software. The Denver office also has expertise performing floating roof inspections for Colorado seal inspection requirements and for NSPS Kb compliance.
  • BWON Support - The Denver office staff have expertise in developing, implementing, and managing BWON compliance programs. Our team of BWON experts conducts Consent Decree Review and Verification Audits and prepares reports for regulatory submittal that include audit findings, corrective action plans, and end-of-line sampling plans as well as internal compliance documents. Additional BWON support includes: preparation of TAB and compliance quantifications, downstream verifications, sampling, and site-specific training.
  • Risk Management Plan /Process Safety Management - Our staff develop and implement RMP and PSM program elements, including conducting off-site consequence analysis modeling and performing Process Hazards Analysis (PHA). Trinity also performs RMP and PSM compliance audits for various facility types and RMP program levels.  
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Compliance - The Denver office includes staff with experience managing environmental compliance for pharmaceutical research, development, manufacturing, and formulation.
  • Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) - Trinity has local dedicated staff to develop information technology solutions for EHS management using off-the-shelf and custom software solutions.

For assistance with these or other Trinity Services, contact Ashley Jones at (720) 638-7647 ext.103.

Colorado Environmental News

  • Updates to Colorado’s Regulation 7 That You Don’t Want to Miss  - 

    Colorado's Air Quality Regulation 7, Control of Ozone Precursors and Control of Hydrocarbon via Oil and Gas Emissions, has undergone significant rulemaking revisions in recent years and is on track for another this year. New requirements, including »

  • PFAS Discharge Permit Survey  - 

    PFAS chemicals, scientifically known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are chemicals used in firefighting foam, food packaging, personal care products, and other sources that are a concern with regard to contamination of drinking water »

  • Proposed regulation Part 20-Regulation and Licensing of TENORM  - 

    Per Colorado State Bill SB 18-245 (passed in 2018), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is required to adopt a rule concerning the regulation of technologically advanced naturally occurring radioactive materials (TENORM) by »

  • CDPHE COVID-19 Response  - 

    The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) issued a memorandum on March 17 regarding environmental compliance during the pandemic crisis. In that memo, regulatory requirements administered by all divisions of the CDPHE remained »

  • New Air Toxics Program Proposed for Colorado  - 

    House Bill (HB) 20-1265 was introduced to create a new air toxics program in Colorado. Introduced on February 3, 2020, it is uncertain how this bill will move forward, but the current key components of the bill include regulating hydrogen cyanide, »

  • Proposed Regulation 22 in Colorado  - 

    On February 6, 2020, CDPHE released the draft rule language for Colorado's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting and Emission Reduction Requirements rule ( Regulation 22). Regulation 22 is divided into two sections - Part A and Part B. Part A describes GHG »

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