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Trinity's New Jersey office is located at the heart of Jersey in Princeton, NJ. We serve clients located in New Jersey & New York City.

Our team of seasoned environmental professionals are engineers, scientists, and meteorologists that have decades of combined experience providing top-notch service to our diverse client base. Similar to typical Trinity offices, our NJ office is highly skilled in air permitting and compliance services, representing a State leader in permitting, dispersion modeling, and enforcement interaction.

Give us a call today at (609) 318-5500 to learn how we can help you with your environmental needs in NJ & NYC.

Skills & Experience:

  • Air Quality Permitting: NNSR, PSD, Title V, Minor (GPs & PCPs)
  • Air Quality Compliance: Reporting, Emissions Quantification, Agency Negotiations
  • Air Dispersion Modeling: Risk / HAPs / TXS Modeling, Odor & NAAQS
  • RMP/PSM/TCPA Assistance
  • Air Auditing: NJDEP Certified Air Auditors
  • Federal, State, Local Regulatory Analyses: NSPS, NESHAP, GHG, SOTA, RACT, BACT, LAER
  • Multimedia: SPCC, SWPPP (Stormwater)
  • Right to Know, TRI, RPPR

Key Industries Serving

  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Solid Waste - Landfills, Transfer Stations, Gas-to-Energy
  • Recycling - Ferrous/non-ferrous metals, Organics, Glass, etc.
  • Power / Electric Generation
  • Bulk Petroleum Terminals
  • Wastewater Treatment & Biogas
  • Food & Beverage
  • Telecommunications & Data Centers
  • Government, Medical & Educational Institutions
  • Asphalt & Aggregates
  • Glass
  • General Manufacturing

New Jersey Environmental News

  • NJDEP Proposed Revisions to the TCPA  - 

    The NJDEP is proposing changes to their Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act (TCPA) annual reporting. Currently, TCPA facilities are required to report extraordinarily hazardous substance (EHS) accidents only. Under the proposed plan, near misses will »

  • Reporting TAPS in your Annual Emission Statement in 2019  - 

    It's that time of the year to start planning for 2018 reports (due in 2019)! In accordance with N.J.A.C.7:27-21 (Emission Statement Rule), stationary resources in New Jersey need to report annually actual emissions of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulfur »

  • Quarterly NJDEP Industrial Stakeholders Group Meeting Update  - 

    On September 7, 2018, the NJDEP held its quarterly Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) meeting. The meeting covered a range of pertinent issues. Two key items that were discussed at this meeting were:Updates to the Risk Screening Worksheet, »

  • NJDEP No Longer Allowing Paper Permits (Air Preconstruction Permits Issued Prior to 1998)  - 

    Is your facility operating air emission sources under the old paper permits issued prior to 1998? The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is beginning to review these air permits closely to ascertain the accuracy of the »

  • When Odor and Noise are a Nuisance  - 

    Some level of process-related odor and noise emissions can be expected as unavoidable byproducts of industrial operations. In New Jersey, private citizens can call in to report perceived excess levels of odor and noise eliminating from any »

  • Recent Revisions to NJAC 7:27-16.3  - 

    The NJDEP recently published revisions to NJAC 7:27-16.3, Gasoline transfer operations. These changes will affect many gasoline dispensing facilities in the state, no longer requiring them to install Stage 2 vapor recovery systems. It has been found »

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