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Trinity's EHS Expertise Serving Wyoming

Trinity staff bring extensive hands-on knowledge of Wyoming environmental permitting and compliance. Our skills and experience include:

  • Air Quality Permitting, Compliance, & Reporting - Trinity was founded on air quality support and the depth of our experience includes a long history of every aspect of air quality management. This includes Wyoming construction permitting, Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), Nonattainment NSR, air dispersion modeling, Title V permitting, and applicability determinations for federal and Wyoming-specific air standards. We also provide continued support through permit compliance and reporting (annual/semiannual reports, emissions inventories, CEMS management, and more).
  • Integrated Oil & Gas Environmental Support - The oil and gas industry in Wyoming is regulated by numerous agencies with environmental oversight; navigating your way among them is far from easy or straightforward. We bring years of experience working with Wyoming and federal regulators to help you responsibly manage your operations and development plans while minimizing delays.
  • Trona & Bentonite Facility Support - Trinity staff have supported Wyoming facilities in this sector as well as other minerals handling operations, with air compliance, permitting, emission inventories,  monitoring plans, and CEMS management.
  • Wastewater Management - We provide Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES) support including stormwater, wastewater, and pretreatment permitting and compliance.
  • Hazardous Chemical Management and Release Reporting - Our staff develop Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans, Facility Response Plans, Emergency Response Plans, and Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP) for various industries; as well as prepare Tier II and toxic release reports.
  • Compliance Auditing - Wyoming has environmental audit privilege statutes and an agreement with EPA that make self-auditing a great option for many companies. Our staff bring a great deal of auditing experience to the table and can tailor audits to meet your needs.
  • Tank Emissions Analysis and Inspections - We have staff experts in assessing tank emissions using the latest guidance and factors from EPA and TankESP software. We also have expertise performing floating roof inspections for NSPS Kb compliance.
  • BWON Support - Our local office has expertise in developing, implementing, and managing BWON compliance programs. Our team of BWON experts conducts Consent Decree Review and Verification Audits and prepares reports for regulatory submittal that include audit findings, corrective action plans, and end-of-line sampling plans as well as internal compliance documents. Additional BWON support includes: preparation of TAB and compliance quantifications, downstream verifications, sampling, and site-specific training.
  • Risk Management Plan/Process Safety Management - We develop and implement RMP and PSM program elements, including conducting off-site consequence analysis modeling and performing Process Hazards Analysis (PHA). Trinity also performs RMP and PSM compliance audits for various facility types and RMP program levels.

For assistance with these or other Trinity Services, contact Lori Bocchino at (307) 421-0021.

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