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    Eataly: We Design for Sustainability

    Cerami helped boost Eataly’s sustainability initiative as the technology, audiovisual, physical security and acoustical consultant for multiple new store locations. 

    Pharmacy Benefits Provider Ensures Effective, Efficient Data Center

    WorkingBuildings provided commissioning services for a leading US pharmacy benefits provider to build a high-performing and sustainable data center.

    Buildings with clouds

    We Design the Way to Experience the Sky

    Cerami’s Acoustic Reality System helped create an ideal environment for visitors to The Summit at One Vanderbilt.
    Buildings with water behind

    We Design the Way Trophy Buildings Sound

    Cerami supported long-time partner Hines in the development of Salesforce Tower Chicago by providing an unique acoustical solution.

    Trinity Cerami Expert Discusses Advanced Security Technology in Healthcare

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    Valcoustics Canada Ltd. Joins Trinity

    The Toronto-based acoustical engineering firm has joined the Built Environment pillar.
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    Longman Lindsey Joins Trinity

    The NYC-based acoustical design consulting firm has joined the Built Environment pillar.
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