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Industrial Hygiene

Extensive industrial hygiene support for the life sciences sector.

Trinity Consultants’ SafeBridge group is comprised of authoritative experts in industrial hygiene who ensure the safety of workers in life science environments while effectively communicating hazards.

SafeBridge’s team of board-certified health and safety professionals provide industrial hygiene services in a variety of industries, with a focus on pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and laboratory workplaces. Our support, onsite and remote, gives our clients the tools they need to assess the potential for hazardous drug exposure and protect their workers in research, manufacturing, and healthcare environments. Our expertise includes containment performance assessments, exposure assessments, guidance on safe handling of potent compounds, engineering project review, ongoing technical support, and our AIHA-accredited industrial hygiene analytical laboratory, which develops methods and performs analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Demystify HD Surface Sampling Recommendations

Hazardous drug (HD) surface sampling is often overlooked in healthcare, tangled in the complexities of USP <800> guidance on setting acceptable surface limits. Our industrial hygiene, occupational toxicology, and pharmacy cleanroom compliance experts (Amy Snow, Janet Gould, and Elaine Strauss) are members of AIHA’s Working Group on Surface Sampling Recommendations. Led by SafeBridge’s Amy Snow, this group has changed the narrative, releasing an official AIHA Guidance Document as well as this recent article in Pharmacy Purchasing and Products.


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Industrial Hygiene Analytical Laboratory

AIHA-Accredited Analytical Laboratory for Method Development and Sample Analysis

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Featured Projects

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Trinity's SafeBridge Group Identifies Chloracne Source in Research Lab

SafeBridge investigated an outbreak of chloracne in a discovery lab at a top 5 pharma company, determined the novel compound responsible for the outbreak and recommended a safe course of remediation.

Pharmaceutical Leader Evaluates Safety and Quality of New Transdermal Patch

SafeBridge partnered with a global pharma company to design and perform extractables and leachables (E&L) testing and provide toxicological assessment of the results to assess the product’s safety and quality. 

Service Specifics

Industrial Hygiene

Containment Performance Assessments

Trinity Consultants’ SafeBridge group has extensive experience with ISPE (SMEPAC) assessments for a wide range of pharmaceutical equipment using industry leading surrogate analytical methods.

Exposure Assessment

Our core competency lies in the identification of potential hazards, performance of field sampling surveys, coordination of sample analysis, and recommendation and validation of exposure controls. 

Potent Compound Handling Guidance

We develop and deliver customized, scientifically valid guidance on the safe handling of potent pharmaceutical compounds and other toxic materials, and provide training on those subjects to our clients.

Engineering Project Review

Involving SafeBridge from the start of engineering projects leverages our extensive experience on potent compound containment issues, preventing potential future exposures or redesigns of post-construction features.

Technical Support

We provide ongoing resources and support for industrial hygiene issues such as hazard communication, air monitoring, training, personal protective equipment, and product handling guidelines.

Industrial Hygiene Analytical Laboratory

Our AIHA-accredited analytical laboratory performs analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, developing and implementing analytical methods to help our clients meet their workplace air monitoring and surface sampling requirements.

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