Ambient Monitoring Service and Integration

Trinity's 2014 merger with Meteorological Solutions, Inc. (MSI) of Salt Lake City enhanced our ability to provide comprehensive, turnkey meteorological and ambient air quality monitoring services to our clients. 

Trinity's monitoring solutions include the highest quality instrumentation, installed by experienced professionals, as well as customized software for data monitoring, retrieval, analysis, reporting, and presentation. Our quality assurance and quality control programs ensure that collected data meet jurisdictional regulatory requirements for completeness, representativeness, precision, and accuracy, achieved by conducting performance and system audits using accepted guidelines and methods.   

Our team provides a full range of air quality and meteorological services including:

  • Complete siting services
  • Agency negotiations 
  • Turnkey design, installation, and operation of ambient and meteorological stations and networks
  • Monitoring and quality assurance plan development
  • Equipment installation and calibration
  • Multiple telemetry options including cellular and satellite with data hosted and managed on Trinity's cloud servers
  • Automated 24/7 data retrieval every 5 minutes
  • Automated zero span and precision checks
  • Complete data management and validation
  • Official data reporting in state and EPA formats
  • Secure client access to real-time data with extensive plotting and analysis features
  • Iterative modeling site assessment
  • Automated data evaluation and validation paired with analysis by experienced meteorologists 
  • Meteorological towers from 2 meter tripods to 100 meter multi-level towers with solar powered option
  • Continuous monitoring of all criteria pollutants (NO2, ozone, SO2, CO, PM10, PM2.5)
  • Complete data requirements rule (DRR) SO2 monitoring services

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We are able to assist with the collection of data related to meteorological parameters, criteria pollutants, air toxics, and hydrocarbons. With our 1,200 sq. ft. state-of the art laboratory, we are able to acceptance test and integrate monitoring equipment, conduct site telemetry prior to deployment, and maintain the spare parts needed to keep installations operational.

Our monitoring services are led by technical director Casey Lenhart. Casey has more than 20 years of experience in monitoring site logistics and system development, equipment installation and maintenance, data quality assurance, and agency negotiations. Casey leads a team of specialists who configure, install, calibrate, data process, and quality assure stations across the country. For more information on how we can assist with your monitoring needs, call (801) 272-3000 or email