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Applied Meteorology Services

Trinity Consultants provides forecasting and climatological services to state and local government, as well as to the private sector in the industrial, legal, insurance, infrastructure, energy, nuclear, and the entertainment/media fields. Our meteorologists have decades of experience, and are highly skilled in providing their clients with detailed and accurate information.

Our weather forecasts are developed to fit your needs and highly flexible to changes you may require over time. Our forecasts are highly specific, accurate and are developed by our meteorological staff and not taken directly from weather models.

Climatology is used in a variety of business and scientific aspects. MSI will work closely with your organization to understand what specific climate data you need and organize this information in a manner that will make it easy to understand and utilize.

Trinity's meteorological/climatological services include:

  • Forecasts from short term “Nowcasting” to long term seasonal outlooks for all applications
  • Exclusion of air quality data due to exceptional conditions
  • Climatology development for specific locations, including wind energy calculations and storm return period calculations
  • Forensic meteorology providing detailed information on past weather events and expert testimony
  • Meteorological/climatological database development from hardcopy and electronic data
  • Development/compilation of solar, wind, and severe weather data for alternative energy
  • Hydro-meteorological analysis of storm precipitation using radar and rain gauge data to estimate storm totals, precipitation rates and precipitation depth-area-duration maps and tables

For more information on how we can assist with your applied meteorology needs, call Casey Lenhart at (801) 272-3000 or email