Meteorological Monitoring Services

Trinity's monitoring team sets the bar when it comes to meteorological monitoring programs of all sizes and complexities. Our extensive experience includes single tripod based stations, large-scale networks utilizing multiple free-standing or guyed 100-meter towers with multiple measurement heights, and everything in between. We excel in near real-time data collection and data management of meteorological monitoring programs located in urban and remote areas utilizing a variety of communication packages, as well as off-grid power systems.

Our team is particularly proficient in meteorological programs with respect to AERMOD model requirements. Whether an existing station modification or a new construction, we have the knowledge and experience you need to produce a valid, defendable, and complete data set - the first time, every time. Our maintenance and calibration services are absolutely critical to keeping meteorological equipment in good working order and producing accurate data. We also provide the ultimate convenience of complete and custom web-based data access.

Our monitoring team provides specialize in these meteorological monitoring services:

  • NRC-compliant meteorological towers 
  • PSD-compliant meteorological towers
  • Complete siting services
  • Agency negotiations
  • Equipment installation and calibration
  • Secure 24/7 data hosting
  • AERMOD-ready towers (new/upgrades)
  • Wind energy towers
  • Complete turn-key installation
  • NIST-, A2LA-, and NVLAP-certified audits and calibrations standards
  • All major brands of meteorological sensors
  • Very high data recovery (typically > 99%)
  • Iterative modeling site assessment
  • Simple to complex datalogging systems
  • Customized real-time data access
  • Phone modems/radio telemetry/cellular/IP communications
  • Automated data evaluation and validation paired with analysis by experienced meteorologists
  • Calibration services/Audit services

For more information on how we can assist with your meteorological monitoring needs, call Casey Lenhart at (801) 272-3000 or email